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Minimal and natural window treatments are becoming a popular trend in interior decorating as  the want for “green” design sky rockets. Whether you find yourself in need of fresh window treatments or are starting with a blank palette, it is easy to create and customize window coverings that are simple and minimalistic, while still reflecting the style, personality, and theme of your room.

Exposed wood grain in blinds and natural woven shades are surfacing with bamboo as popular choices for modern, simplistic window coverings. Wood is making a comeback in decorative hardware, while bamboo, birch and maple are the materials of choice for the newest finials and pulls. The natural woods are light, in color and can be easily incorporated into various styles of décor. Another trending, modern window treatment is natural woven shades in bamboo and matchstick.

These woven shades come in different colors of wood, and some include grassy woven accents. These treatments allow into the space but still allow for privacy.

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