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Have you ever looked at a home design magazine and wonder how they paired so many patterns together and it look so good?  One thing that can give a truly custom look when it comes to decorating your home is mixing patterns that compliment each other.  By stepping outside of your comfort zone, and getting creative with pattern you can get a space that is not just put together but also dynamic!

Mixing patterns seems to be the most common intimidation I hear from clients. Don’t shy away from mixing pattern out of fear! Creative Interiors is here to help! Start by getting your feet wet; come in and shop some of our new fabrics with confidence!

I will share a few rules to get you started. When grouping fabrics and different patterns, there may not be a magic number, but odd numbers rule.  Whether you are arranging your accessories on a bookshelf, pillow placement, or even planting shrubs, odd numbered objects are more esthetically pleasing to the eye.  The same rule applies when mixing patterns.  Three is a good place to start… you can always go up from there, but remember to keep it odd.

Start by picking a pattern you love! Your first fabric is what I like to call your inspiration piece. Your inspiration piece is usually your strongest pattern. It can be a floral, geometric, damask… as long as you love it! Your inspiration piece is what you are going to build your other pieces off of. It works well if your inspiration pattern is a large scale pattern.

Once you have picked your dominant pattern, you can set out to find two complimentary patterns.  Your next pattern should be smaller in scale – somewhere around half the scale of your largest pattern. This piece should have a few of the same colors as your inspiration piece.

For your third,  you want to choose a complimentary neutral or textured piece in a small scale. If adding a third pattern is way more than you can handle you can stick with a complimentary solid, but make it an interesting texture such as velvet, ruffle, corduroy or burlap. By adding an interesting texture, it gives the visual illusion of pattern, but only in movement, instead of print.

To keep harmony amongst your patterns keep a unifying color throughout to tie it all together. You want to stay within the same hues and intensities of color within each pattern.  You can add pattern in your rugs, window treatments, upholstery or pillows, even throw blankets and artwork. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and let your personality shine!

Place your patterns in a smart way.  You don’t want more than two large competing patterns. Remember, your eye needs a place to rest. Some patterns that work well together would be a floral, stripe and small polka-dot; chevron/geometric, small floral and a solid; or plaid, graphics and solids. Don’t be afraid! Pattern can add so much personality to a space!

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