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When decorating with floral fabrics, use different sizes and patterns. A good rule of thumb is to use at least one large pattern, one medium pattern, and one small. Mixing the size scales provides contrast and balance. Pattern repetition is always a good idea and does create unity when decorating, but don’t over-do it. If you’ve got floral curtains you probably don’t need to repeat the same fabric on any other large piece within the room, such as a couch or bed spread, because the curtains take up so much visual space and the print may dominate the room if overused.

Always be bold. Floral patterns are best when they’re strong. Don’t be afraid to incorporate large patterns and strong colors… they look great! And, remember: a lot of small patterns can often look busy and cluttered. Use a variety of different types of fabric with different textures. Mix silks and cottons, and keep a coordinating fabric palette (one that uses the same colors or motifs).

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