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Red is a great color to use when interior decorating if you’re looking to make a statement. It is bold, warm, and full of passion. Red walls can radiate a stimulating energy and is traditionally representational of love, battle, and warmth. Red is one of few colors that can convey numerous emotions.

Red is also a great accent color and is often used to draw attention to certain areas of a room or to make special, exciting features pop. Reds can offset paler, washed out colors and also coordinates well with darker hues of black, navy, and grays. When mixed with warmer shades of oranges, golds, and yellows the color radiates a sense of warmth and coziness.

Reds are currently most popularly used in kitchens, living areas, and home offices. These are areas where the mind is stimulated and people are active versus a calm, relaxing, or quieted space like a nursery or bedroom.

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