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While the summer is slowly coming to a close and vacation season is at its end… wouldn’t it be refreshing to come home to an ideal getaway?

Sometimes all your room needs is a facelift. To revamp a space in a budget-friendly fashion, look into replacing items one at a time as you find unique pieces to incorporate.

Your room may only need a few finishing touches to tie everything together, or could use a little more tender love and care.

Let’s start with what we know best. Fabrics. Fabrics can be a simple solution to tying up any loose ends in your rooms’ décor. It may not be in your budget to replace all of your furniture, and rugs, but choosing a fabric that includes similar colors to those in your palette can be an easy way to solve your design dilemma.

Window treatments are a great idea for any room, and should not be overlooked. Windows always look better when dressed, and you can add or change out old treatments easily. Pieces like this are a nice investment to make sure the entire room looks “put together”. A valance or cornice above the window might be the final piece that your room is missing. From shades to valances to drapery panels and everything in between.

Pillows add flair to any room. The great thing about accent pillows is that they can easily be swapped out, and are as easy as bringing in your old forms and replacing them with new fabric. They can coordinate with any existing piece or color to make a room look more cohesive. Start by pulling from colors that already exist in the space, such as window treatments or area rugs that will truly compliment the look of the room.

Bedding: Upholstered headboards, bench seating and cushions.

Reupholstering existing furniture can also be used in giving an old room new life. Fabrics can wear out long before a well-crafted piece of furniture, so it is important to keep it in its best shape to prolong the life. If your existing furniture is in good condition and still in proportion to your room’s scale, give them an update with new fabric for a fresh look. Try removing a vintage skirt for a more streamline look, or add some rustic flare with nail heads around the edges. Using nail heads as trim give a dressed-up look to existing furniture, for stylish, high-end looking treatments. If your room needs a bit of pizazz, try upholstering an accent piece of furniture, such as a chair, to add a unique juxtaposition to the room. An edgy counterbalance of colors and pattern might be just what your room was missing.

3 Steps to Achieving a Beautiful Home Getaway

1.) Decluttered environment is the first step to achieving a beautiful home. Don’t let your mess ruin a space. The difference between your home and a getaway is the absence of clutter. Make sure to remove all unnecessary visual noise, this makes the room feel fresh and new, uncovering elements that encourage relaxation. Practicing a minimalist lifestyle will encourage you to keep your home clutter free. We recommend working through your house one room at a time to prevent being overwhelmed. Really look at all of the items that are included in your room, and don’t be afraid to rid yourself of pieces you don’t truly need! Put out of season items away in storage bins out of sight! Group artwork together on shelves or on the walls to make smart use of vertical wall space and high ceilings.

2.) Organize! Save yourself the hassle and invest in chest and drawer spaces to tuck away everyday items. Lidded baskets and chests can help keep your space clutter free. One thing that high-end room shouldn’t have is: clutter. Throw all your blankets into one basket beside the sofa, or get a table for your foyer/entryway that has drawers. Hang organizing systems on your foyer walls for mail and keys. Conceal your child’s play area and toys by hanging panels, or assign them to their own bins to take items to their rooms nightly. Group framed children’s paintings, drawings and craft projects with photos to create a wall display.

3.) Have a theme in mind as you pick out pieces to make the whole look cohesive, and collect mismatched items from other rooms in your home that work well together. Don’t go overboard on one theme per room, but try to incorporate a few pieces in multiple rooms. A simple way to check your room’s décor is to step back after you think you’ve finished the space and subtract a few pieces where necessary. Add extra pillows to seating and bedding. Incorporate books and magazines as decoration for easy reading. Add window shades to let light in during the day or to maintain privacy in the evening.

3 Tips for the Budget-Conscious

1.) Clean. While it’s the job no one wants to do, sometimes your home could use more than a pick up. Make sure to vacuum, dust and wash your home for a maximum sparkle factor! This should include appliances, floorboards and light fixtures, especially ceiling fans. Windows should also be washed both inside and out for maximum light exposure, making your new window treatments really stand out.

2.) Shop at your house. Repurpose anything from around your home. It’s a budget-conscious practice for putting together a new room. Look at pieces that might not work in the spaces they are already in. Furniture pieces can always be reupholstered or painted to blend into their new home.

3.) Rearrange. Sometimes the simple solution to updating your room is as simple as rearranging the furniture that is already there, which can make a difference on how the room feels. Try rotating pieces from other rooms around the house, such as side tables or chairs. If the furniture in your room is already cohesive as a set try to position them in a new way. Angle a chair in the corner to create a reading nook.

No matter the design dilemma, we can help you find your rooms unique potential! Come to creative interiors and let us help get your dramatic transformation on its way.

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