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As its name suggests, “Intimate Shadow” resides in moments of repose. Let this sensory hue offer solace, peace and the luxury of quiet. It is a counter to the busy world and offers an intimate color experience in which to cocoon.

This greyed-off purple is discrete and maintains a sense of mystery. Appearing in fashion as a counter to cool grey or combined with lighter knits it will also subtly grace interiors in leather and velvet. When offered with a metallic finish, it will make an additional statement of personal luxury in automotive and consumer electronics.

Make an escape and immerse yourself in “Intimate Shadow.”
Color Alert is an exciting, monthly feature from Color Marketing Group, illuminating one of its “World Forecast Colors” and validating CMG’s color predictions in the market. As a color litmus test, and drawing from European, Latin American, North American, and Asia/Pacific directional palettes, Color Alert brings CMG’s directional color stories to life, whether seen on store shelves, cruising along highways or strutting fashion runways.

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